About Alromaih Cars

Since the launch of work in the main showroom in the city of Riyadh, it has been active in the field of selling private and new cars for more than 32 years - and it was one of the first showrooms in the city and has the precedence and leadership in the city of Riyadh and its environs.

Our Message

  • Building bridges of trust with customers, providing professional service at competitive prices.
  • Building a giant multi-branch entity.
  • Diversity of cars under one roof and place.
  • Ease of the sales process through a variety of sources (cash - banks - financing companies)
  • Providing after-sales service.

Our Vision

The administration adopted a development vision at the beginning of 2023 AD, aiming to expand to include new branches outside Arar. The beginning was in the city of Riyadh in the Al-Qadisiyah neighborhood showrooms. In 2024, the main branch was renovated and preparations are underway to open the Sakaka branch this year.