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Hyundai Accent GL Fleet 2024

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The Hyundai Accent GL Fleet 2024 is designed to meet the needs of fleet customers, offering reliability, efficiency, and affordability in a compact sedan package. With its practical features and low cost of ownership, it's an ideal choice for businesses and organizations looking for a dependable transportation solution. Available at Hyundai fleet dealerships nationwide, the Accent GL Fleet 2024 delivers on Hyundai's commitment to quality and value.

Hyundai Accent GL Fleet 2024
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  • Basic infotainment system with AM/FM radio and auxiliary input for entertainment.
  • Manual air conditioning for straightforward climate control.
  • Fabric upholstery for easy maintenance and durability.
  • Simple yet functional interior design with ample storage compartments.
  • Standard instrument cluster with essential gauges and indicators.

  • Halogen headlights and taillights for illumination and visibility.
  • Manual-adjust side mirrors for driver customization.
  • 15-inch steel wheels with wheel covers for a clean and utilitarian look.
  • Body-colored door handles and side mirrors for a cohesive exterior appearance.
  • Compact sedan design for maneuverability and efficiency.

  • Compact sedan body style for urban and suburban driving environments.
  • Available in a range of classic exterior color options to suit fleet branding needs.
  • Clear-lens turn signal indicators for safety and visibility.
  • Trunk-mounted spoiler for added aerodynamic efficiency.

  • Standard safety features include front airbags for driver and front passenger.
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) for enhanced braking control.
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC) for improved stability during sudden maneuvers.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to alert the driver of underinflated tires.
  • Child safety locks on rear doors for added protection for passengers.

  • Designed with fleet customers in mind, the Accent GL Fleet 2024 prioritizes simplicity, reliability, and affordability.
  • Available fleet discount programs and financing options to suit business needs.
  • Hyundai's reputation for quality and reliability ensures peace of mind for fleet managers and drivers.
  • Fleet-focused service and support from Hyundai dealerships nationwide.